If Star Wars characters were theologians…

With the anticipation of The Force Awakens now that the trailer is out and Colbert defending the new light saber, I thought it would be fun to see what views various Star Wars characters might hold.

Inspired by a Facebook discussion and having blogged a bit on various approaches to foreknowledge, here are the theological views these characters might hold.

Ben_KenobiYou cannot escape your destiny
(Return of the Jedi)
Emperor_RotJIt is proceeding as I have foreseen
(Return of the Jedi)
Simple Foreknowledge
Darth_VaderCalculate every possible destination along that last known trajectory
(Empire Strikes Back)
 Yoda_Empire_Strikes_BackDifficult to see. Always in motion the future is
(Empire Strikes Back)
Open Theist

What do you think?

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