History of Hell (Christian History)

Saw this tweet from Mark Driscoll and thought I would share since I have blogged and taught on Love Wins a bit.

The link refered to is from Christian History Magazine which has put out a resource (pdf) on various views of hell.

A quick summary of some of the early writers based on the article (italics are my additions):

  • Justin Martyr – potential father of inclusivism – writings inspired later thinkers to speculate on fate of unbelievers who did not have access to gospel.
  • Irenaeus – eternal punishment awaited those who rejected Jesus
  • Tertullian – eternal punishment awaited unbelievers
  • Origen father of universalism / postmortem evangelismwritings speculate on fires of hell as purifying
  • Athanasius – potential father of annilationism
  • Augustine – eternal punishment awaited unbelievers

and a summary on some of the reformers:

  • Huldrych Zwingli – reformed inclusivism –  those elect by God are saved (even if they don’t hear the gospel)
  • Martin Luther – eternal separation awaited unbelievers
  • John Calvin – eternal separation awaited unbelievers (unelect)

The article contains many more as well as a list of books that have added to the discussion on the after-life.

What do you think?

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