Distributing Sanitary Buckets in Liberia (an update)

For the last two weeks our church has been helping Isaac in his work distributing sanitary buckets. Yesterday, Isaac sent his thanks along with some pictures of the two communities along Marshall Highway that he was able to reach. Marshall Highway is a major dirt road that connects several villages including Ben Town. The Cross Way training center, water well, and school are all off this road.


Each of the buckets shown is filled with medicine and medical supplies used to disinfect items and to protect the people from the Ebola virus.


Along with sharing these supplies, Isaac was able to share the Gospel. Over 75 people responded with a profession of faith in Christ.


Isaac plans to continue that work today in another community. Both the harvest and the work are plentiful, but the workers and resources are few. Please pray that the Lord would protect Isaac and others working in Liberia, that He would raise up more workers, and that the resources to do this work would be provided. You can help Isaac by donating to Cross Way.

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