Top Posts in 2014

Just want to thank everyone who came by to read and explore theology with me this year on the blog. Hope to see you in 2015.

It was exciting to see two posts published on the Society of Evangelical Arminians site this year:

Watch for more cross posting next year.

Here are the top 5 overall posts in 2014 (by total views)

Rank Post
1 The Five Act Hermenuetic (Scripture and the Authority of God by N.T. Wright) takes the top spot for the 3rd year in a row. This post takes a look at NT Wright’s 5 act hermeneutic (a fancy word for framework) that focuses on the story line that runs through the pages of scripture from Genesis to Revelation and finds its climax in the hero of the story Jesus.
2 John Wesley On Original Sin and Total Depravity. This post is part of an occasional series that explores the theological writings of John Wesley. In this post Sermon #44 and What is an Arminian are used to explore Wesley’s views on the fallen state of man.
3 Blessed are those who hunger for a Markan sandwich Part of a series on the Gospel of Mark, this post examines the literary technique of layering stories that the author of the gospel uses to highlight and emphasize the points that he wants to make.
4 Simply Jesus: The Perfect Storm Part of a series that took a look at N.T. Wright’s book Simply Jesus.This post examines the “perfect storm” that existed during Jesus’ ministry which (according to Wright) was comprised of three factors: Rome coming under Imperial rule, Israel’s understanding of their place in God’s plan to rescue creation, and the “wind of God”.
5 Twas the dawn of Reformation (a poem/parody) reformed and reforming – a look at the Reformation, Martin Luther, and the gospel of Christ based on the poem – Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Here are the top 5 posts written in 2014 (by total views)

Rank Post
1 Tertullian on the Problem of Evil and Free Will This post explores the writings of Tertullian and how he attempted to solve the problem of evil using free will. This post is part of a larger series exploring the views of early theologians on such topics as determinism, salvation, and free-will.
2 Book Review: Now That I’m a Christian. A book review of C. Michael Patton’s new book Now That I’m a Christian. A great book to help people new to the faith or those struggling with how to become a disciple.
3 Simply Jesus: Why did Jesus have to die? examines the question and N.T. Wright’s view on the atonement in the book Simply Jesus.
4 5 things to know about the false teachers in 1 John takes a look at the false teachers that leave the churches that John is overseeing and what impact that should have on our interpretation of this letter.
5 Wesley and Watson examine who is Appointed to Eternal Life (Acts 13:48) examines the various proposals to translate and interpret Acts 13:48 from an Arminian point of view.

Here are the top 5 least read posts (with at least 1 view)

Rank Post
1 Members Only? an older post examining the concept of church membership.
2 Did you walk out of the house naked today? what are we wearing? That old comfortable outfit or that new one that isn’t quite broken in yet. A look at sanctification (or growing as a disciple).
3 Science Roundup:Dawkins, Doubt, and Probabilitytakes a look at science, faith, and doubt.
4 Evangelistic Prayer a look at praying for the lost based our view of soteriology (salvation). Do our prayers reflect what we believe about how a person is saved?
5 Effective Teaching an important principle on being an effective teacher

What do you think?

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