Blogging through Grace for All

The recent publication of Grace for All: The Arminian Dynamics of Salvation (Amazon) is an updated and revised version of Grace Unlimited. Grace Unlimited is a collection of scholarly articles edited by Clark Pinnock and published in 1975.

This ne415xXkjORGLw collection, edited by John Wagner includes some of the older articles along with several new ones. In the current collection there are 14 articles by several noted scholars including I. Howard Marshall, Roger Olson, Robert E. Picirilli, Jack Cottrell, and Grant R. Osborne.

The Forward to the book describes the premise for the book.

The most important theological presupposition of all writing in this volume is our conviction that God is good in an unqualified manner, and that he desires the salvation of all sinners. … On it hangs, we believe, the validity of the universal offer of the gospel, and the possibility of assurance.

I plan on reading and blogging through the book. I invite each of you to read the book along with me. This will be patterned after Tim Challies’ Reading Classics Together. Each week everyone who wants to participate will read a chapter. On Thursdays we can share our thoughts, questions, and related blog posts on what we have read.

Many who have expressed an interest in reading this book together are members of the Society of Evangelical Arminians (SEA). If you are a member you can share your insights in the Facebook group. If you would like to share your thoughts with those who may join and are not members of SEA you can also put them in the comment section on the corresponding post here on this blog. I also recommend tweeting as you read along using the hashtag #Grace4All.

We will start on May 7th with chapter 1. Join us and tweet to let others know 

What do you think?

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