Top Posts in 2015

Thanks readers for spending time exploring theology with me on the blog. I hope it helped you in your walk and worship!

This year I was able to publish 53 posts. I was pretty excited about keeping up with the goal of averaging a post a week. Part of the year was spent blogging through the new book Grace for All, which is a good collection of essays exploring theology from an Arminian point of view. I was happy to have 9 posts published on the Society of Evangelical Arminian site. 

Here are the top 5 overall posts in 2015 (by total views)

Rank Post
1 Blessed are those who hunger for a Markan sandwich Part of a series on the Gospel of Mark, this post examines the literary technique of layering stories that the author of the gospel uses to highlight and emphasize the points that he wants to make.
2 The Five Act Hermenuetic (Scripture and the Authority of God by N.T. Wright) drops out of the top spot after 3 straight years holding the title top post. This post takes a look at NT Wright’s 5 act hermeneutic (a fancy word for framework) that focuses on the story line that runs through the pages of scripture from Genesis to Revelation and finds its climax in the hero of the story Jesus.
3 Choosing a name for your view of Soteriology (Infographic)

This post captured the adage a picture is worth a thousand words. It was an infographic exploring the way various views understand how a person comes to faith.

4 John Wesley On Original Sin and Total Depravity. This post is part of an occasional series that explores the theological writings of John Wesley. In this post Sermon #44 and What is an Arminian are used to explore Wesley’s views on the fallen state of man.
5 Does God want all to be saved? A response to Dr. Kruger. This post took a look at how Dr. Kruger defended a Reformed understanding of God wanting all to be saved. It has generated a lot of discussion.

Here are the top 5 posts written in 2015 (by total views)

Rank Post
1 Choosing a name for your view of Soteriology (Infographic) captured the top spot for new posts as well as number 3 overall.
2 Does God want all to be saved? A response to Dr. Kruger was one of the last posts written in 2015 but has attracted a lot of attention.
3 An Ancient Theologian explains Tradition took a look at how Irenaeus, a 2nd century theologian understood “tradition”. This was part of a set of posts that explored how the early church should be part of our assessment on doctrine and interpretations of Scripture.
4 Grace for All: Elect in Christ or into Christ, that is the Question was part of the series that examined each essay in the book Grace for All. This passage examined Ephesians 1 and how it is used in the debate between Calvinism and Arminianism.
5 Young, Restless, and Reprobate? playing off of the Young, Restless, Reformed (YRR) motif, the post explores the Rich Young Ruler and how we might assess Jesus’ interaction with him in light of irresistible/effectual grace.

What do you think?

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