3 thoughts on “Choosing a name for your view of Soteriology (Infographic)

  1. I like the pictures with this Infographic

    I have one concern with the historical accuracy of including the “Remonstrants” as “4 point Arminians.”

    You could say the Remonstrants in 1610 were “4 point Arminians” in that they were undecided on the 5th point. They did not say “No” or “Yes” as to whether apostasy could take place, but clearly held to conditional security. Thus, it does not seem to be accurate historically to place them as 4 point Arminians under “No” on apostasy when they did not say “No,” but “we do not know at this time and need to study the Scriptures more before we teach with full persuasion of our minds that believers can commit apostasy” (paraphrase).

    As you probably know, the Remonstrants in 1618 were fully persuaded in their minds that the Scriptures teach “Yes” on apostasy. They also said “Yes” in the 1621 Arminian Confession.


    • Steve
      This is a good catch. Some members of the Society of Evangelical Arminians also pointed this out. When time permits I plan to update the graphic and slide the Remonstrant label so that it covers both 4 and 5 point Arminianism. I can also add 1610 to the label to make that clear as well. Thanks.

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