Tis the Season to ponder the Nativity (poem)

Merry Christmas to all. I was reading through the Christmas accounts in Matthew and Luke in the Word for Word Graphic Novel: The Christmas Nativity. I decided to capture the story in anapestic tetrameter.

‘Tis the season of census, when all thro’ the land
every person was trav’ling, by rulers’ command.
To their ancestral home they’ll go to comply.
It’s this rule Joseph and Mary abide by.

The unwed Mary was with child you know
and before this trip she was starting to show.
An angel had told her she was the one favored.
She accepted this, her faith never wavered.
Joseph was sad till an angel did visit
telling him, Mary did nothing illicit.

Ninety miles walking, how long did it take?
It must have been slow for pregnant Mary’s sake.
Did they go by donkey as we tend to think,
Or has a legend given us the hoodwink?

Image from The Word for Word Bible Comic Gospel of Luke on Twitter (note: Santa Hat added)

There’s perils and dangers when going alone.
Did they join a convoy, that’s something unknown.
Most think this trip was in spring, and took awhile,
so celebrating in winter does beguile.

They got to Bethlehem a small little town,
where prophecy says this birth is going down.
In Joseph’s hometown, did he look for an inn?
Or for a guest room in the home of his kin?
The manger and animals are kept inside
so with the crowd that’s all his clan could provide.

Was the baby born the night they did arrive?
Or did Mary have time to rest and revive?
When the time came was the night silent or loud?
Looking down from above, God must have been proud.
He sent forth angels to announce the good news.
They scared shepherds in fields watching their sheep snooze.
These shepherds ran off to go find the right place
and got to see the Messiah face to face.

Mary thought about all these things in her brain
and knew her infant, on David’s throne, would reign.
They named him Jesus when he was eight days old
Two seers told them this was the Savior foretold.
To the Temple they went 40 days later.
A short walk to present the young Creator.

The Magi that came did they number just three?
Who told them stars point to the king they should see?
When did Magi come visit the newborn king?
How long till Herod sought to kill the offpring?
Was it days, months or years that passed on by?
Why did children 2 and under have to die?
An escape to Egypt, Luke forgot to share,
as widespread murder brings lament and despair.

Now what about Santa, I think to myself,
a heretic punchin’ Saint turned cold loving elf,
how did he get to be the star of the show
when the Son came from heaven to earth below?

Does the Nativity match what you’ve been taught?
Perhaps you’ve not given the stories much thought.
You’re on the wrong list for the bad that you wrought,
but take joy, that first Christmas isn’t for naught.
For into this dark world has come the true Light
who wants none to perish but have Life this night.

What do you think?

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