White as Snow

It is National Poetry Month, so I thought I would share some poems. This one was written last year during Easter. It uses an Arabic poetic form known as the ghazal.

White lilies cover the field as blanketing snow.
The women walk softly, silent as falling snow.

The rock that once covered the gate is set aside.
A figure comes forth bright as the glistening snow.

Fear not, the one you are looking for is not here.
The serpent’s plan is ruined, as dirt marring snow.

For into the pit, the grave swallowed a lion.
He endured death’s coldness that numbs as stinging snow.

The dead one now lives with eyes blazing like fire.
Hard hearts start to soften as the heat melting snow.

The Ancient One gives Him both glory and power
And praises roar as winds in a blizzarding snow

What do you think?

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