Simply Jesus: On Wright and Arrogance

Tom Wright speaking at Willow Creek (2011)

Tom Wright speaking at Willow Creek (2011)

Having mentioned in the first post that Wright can come across sounding arrogant, I found it interesting that Frank Viola (Beyond Evangelical) addressed this in an interview with N.T. Wright.  In this post Frank Viola, after quoting the press release for Simply Jesus, asks:

But what do you say to those who would suggest that these statements are arrogant, and they imply that only now in the 21st century do some people understand the story of Jesus correctly while everyone has gotten it wrong?

Here is part of Wright’s response:

There is always, of course, a danger of arrogance. But my point is not that everyone else has got it wrong and I’ve got it right, but that in recent years there have been various cultural movements in the western world that have distorted our reading of Jesus and the gospels and that we can witness this happening and do something to correct it.

I encourage you to read the rest of the interview.

What do you think?

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