Remember Meribah (Psalm 81)

I had the opportunity to deliver the message (twice) this past Sunday at my home church. Here is the link to the audio.

[audio ]

The sermon note sheet and application project are also available [here].

I tested you at the waters of Meribah. Selah

The events at Meribah, the mention of the word itself, reminds us that complaining is an indication we are failing to trust in the Lord, and are demanding comfort & security when He desires our faith.

Here are 6 observations on grumbling and complaining made after examining the Exodus event, particularly the events at Meribah, while studying and preparing to teach on Psalm 81.

Grumblers and complainers will:

  • Distort the past
  • Focus on the problem (and attack the motives of others)
  • Expect everything to be easy
  • Cause others to grumble
  • Cause others to stumble
  • Forget we often cause our own problems

How is God testing you?
Which characteristic of a complainer do you most identify with?

What do you think?

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