Messianic Prophecies (Infographic)

The following infographic tries to capture key prophetic information about the Messiah in a timeline. The goal was not to show all of the prophecies that the Old Testament contains but rather to highlight when new information was revealed. This allows us to quickly understand what was known about the Messiah at various points in time. MessiahTimeLine.jpg

Survival Guide to the End Times

If you are looking for how to survive a zombie apocalypse you might be in the wrong place. But during a recent discussion about the end times, as it relates to Jesus’ return, it became clear that the various terms and views can be very confusing.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is my attempt to lay out the various views of the end times. Given my background as a software engineer, you might see some resemblance to a flowchart.

Straight Outta the Tomb


My point is … a first-century Jew, faced with the crucifixion of a would-be messiah, or even of a prophet who had led a significant following, would not normally conclude that this person was the Messiah and that the kingdom had come. He or she would normally conclude that he was not and that it had not.

Why did Christianity even begin, let alone continue, as a messianic movement, when its Messiah so obviously not only did not do what a Messiah was supposed to do but suffered a fate which ought to have showed conclusively that he could not possibly have been Israel’s anointed? Why did this group of first-century Jews, who had cherished messianic hopes and focused them on Jesus of Nazareth, not only continue to believe that he was the Messiah despite his execution, but actively announce him as such in the pagan as well as the Jewish world, cheerfully redrawing the picture of messiahship around him but refusing to abandon it? Their answer, consistently throughout the evidence we possess, was that Jesus, following his execution on a charge of being a would-be Messiah, had been raised from the dead.

– NT Wright (Christian Origins and the Resurrection of Jesus)