The Daily Prophet – a look at guidance and decision making

Decisions. Life is full of them. You are here reading this post but at some point you had to decide whether to click on the link that brought you here. And right now you have to decide whether you will continue reading it.

Most of us find decision making hard. Why is that? There are several reasons that may make a particular decision hard.

  • uncertainty about what the future holds
  • afraid of making a mistake
  • knowing we have to live with the consequences
  • too many choices to choose from
  • we don’t have enough information
  • we have conflicting information
  • we have not analyzed the information we do have
  • your feelings and/or friends are going against what you know you should do

These are just some of the reasons that decision making is hard. So it is not surprising that we would want help in the decision making process. Continue reading