Is Faith a Gift?

Faith, we all know that without it we can’t please God, nor can we have eternal life. It is through faith that we are placed in Christ and it is in Him that we receive every spiritual blessing. But have you ever stopped to think about how you would describe faith?

Would you describe faith as a gift? Something that is given to you by God. Or would you understand it as an act in which you expressed your trust in God, convinced that He will fulfill all of His promises? Continue reading

Grace for All: John Wesley challenges Reformers on Reprobation

Just as Pinson examined the theology of Arminius Grace for All, Vic Reasoner explores the theology of John Wesley. Reasoner is the president of Southern Methodist College (link) and an author, having written a Wesleyan commentary on Romans (link).

415xXkjORGLReasoner starts off surveying the various scholars who have studied and interpreted John Wesley over the last 50+ years, highlighting Thomas Oden recently published 4 volume set that is considered “the first systematic exposition” of Wesley’s theology (amazon).

Reasoner, exploring numerous aspects of Wesleyan theology, starts off the affirming God’s sovereignty.

Wesleyan-Arminians affirm God’s sovereignty, but believe that God has the prerogative of not always exercising total sovereignty. Thus we have true libertarian freedom. Yet God never surrenders the consequences of our free choices to us. … God is so sovereign he can allow human rebellion, yet that rebellion does not thwart his ultimate purpose.

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Wednesday with Wesley: Perseverance of the Saints & Arminianism

Can a true disciple of Christ later commit apostasy? Will those who commit apostasy perish? Can someone who was at one time placed in Christ be removed? How one answers these questions depends on how they view eternal security (outline of views).

holdFirm2While most proponents of Arminianism hold to a view that a true believer can commit apostasy and thus forfeit salvation, the Arminian camp allows proponents to hold different views on eternal security. Despite holding these different views, it must be understood, Classical Arminianism does affirm that a true believer will possess enduring faith. There is no such thing, Ashby will write, in his essay in “Four Views on Eternal Security”, as a “saved unbeliever”.

Based on early writings, Classical Arminians held that one of two things must be true: Continue reading