Thoughts on Gay Marriage, Meat Markets, and Culture Wars

The SCOTUS recently heard oral arguments in two cases related to gay marriage. How they will decide these cases is anyone’s guess, but it is certain that their decisions will influence the national debate that has so far resulted in a patchwork of state laws.

What is marriage? Who gets to define it? What is its purpose?

This is a complicated and emotional topic. Continue reading

How the Church can show love to the LGBT?

The recent events surrounding Chick-fil-A have given me a chance to read and think a lot about the church and its relationship to the LGBT community. Having written about how Jesus showed love without condoning sin, I wanted to explore the more practical side of what that might look like in the church.

One of the bloggers I have come across is Justin Lee who serves the gay Christian community and works to open up dialogue between what he calls “Side A” and “Side B”. Continue reading

How did Jesus show love?

Even though Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day was a couple of days ago there are still lots of people talking about it. In Christian circles there are many voicing concern that we made a “bold mistake” that widens the divide between Christians and the LGBT community.

Matthew Paul Turner says that Christians failed to ‘love our neighbors’ when we went to Chick0-fil-A and lists among his 5 reasons that we caused a large group of people to feel hated. Rachel Held Evans feels disconnected from the Christian community who ate chicken sandwiches to prove a point. Kimberly Knight gives a personal voice to the pain that the event caused her, concluding that her Christian foundation is always shocked by hate. Continue reading