Reflections on Prayer (James 5)

Serving as an elder can be a challenge. As a group we try to serve this incredible community that we have the privilege and responsibility to oversee. Our goal is to provide an environment for people to grow and mature in Christ in a multicultural community. One of those challenges is helping others when they struggle. During these challenges, the elders are often asked to pray.

A passage that deals with this topic is found in James 5 (verses 13-15). In this passage those who are “sick” are told to call on the elders so that they may come and pray. Continue reading

Evangelistic Prayer

We all have people in out lives who are not followers of Jesus. They have neither called on nor accepted Jesus as Lord and they do not believe that He is raised him from the dead (Rom 10:9, 13). Paul shares the anguish and concern that he has for the lost in his letter to the Romans (Rom 9:1-3). He earnestly prayed for the salvation of others (Rom 10:1):

my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved.

As I lay convicted of my own prayer life in this area, I began to think through how I might specifically pray for the lost that Jesus came ‘to seek and to save’. Continue reading