Wednesday with Wesley: Perseverance of the Saints & Arminianism

Can a true disciple of Christ later commit apostasy? Will those who commit apostasy perish? Can someone who was at one time placed in Christ be removed? How one answers these questions depends on how they view eternal security (outline of views).

holdFirm2While most proponents of Arminianism hold to a view that a true believer can commit apostasy and thus forfeit salvation, the Arminian camp allows proponents to hold different views on eternal security. Despite holding these different views, it must be understood, Classical Arminianism does affirm that a true believer will possess enduring faith. There is no such thing, Ashby will write, in his essay in “Four Views on Eternal Security”, as a “saved unbeliever”.

Based on early writings, Classical Arminians held that one of two things must be true: Continue reading