How did Jesus show love?

Even though Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day was a couple of days ago there are still lots of people talking about it. In Christian circles there are many voicing concern that we made a “bold mistake” that widens the divide between Christians and the LGBT community.

Matthew Paul Turner says that Christians failed to ‘love our neighbors’ when we went to Chick0-fil-A and lists among his 5 reasons that we caused a large group of people to feel hated. Rachel Held Evans feels disconnected from the Christian community who ate chicken sandwiches to prove a point. Kimberly Knight gives a personal voice to the pain that the event caused her, concluding that her Christian foundation is always shocked by hate. Continue reading

Some thoughts on Chick-fil-A day

Today is the day you have to decide if you are going to Eat Mor Chikin or pass on standing in the long lines. Everyone has expressed an opinion about Chick-fil-A as they become the symbol of frustration over the battle for homosexual rights. Many Christians are wondering if supporting the business today is the right thing to do.

Barnabas Piper asks:  How is the Kingdom of God served by this? Is Jesus represented well to the gay community and the politicians pandering to them?

Good questions. Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Occupy the Bible League [Part 2]

This is the continuation of the story started in part 1.

I encourage you to read part 1 if you have not done so already before jumping into the story in this post.

“Catch!”, Holmes yelled as he tossed a Bible in my direction. “Turn to Luke 19 and start reading in verse 11 if you would be so kind.”

I almost remarked about the Bible not being a KJV but thought better of it. The Bible I now held was an ESV and it read as follows:

As they heard these things, he proceeded to tell a parable, because he was near to Jerusalem, and because they supposed that the kingdom of God was to appear immediately. He said therefore, “a nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and then return. Calling ten of his servants, he gave them ten minas, and said to them, ‘Engage in business until I come.'”

“Stop!” cried Holmes, which shocked me for I had barely started. “Why was Jesus telling this parable?”

I re-read the text to myself, then blurted that the crowds were expecting Jesus to bring about the long awaited Kingdom of God.

“Yes, and do you know when this event purports to take place?” asked Holmes. The headings surrounding the passage gave me all the clues I needed and even I was able to deduce that it was just prior to the “triumphal entry” when Jesus rode in Jerusalem on a donkey prior to being crucified.

“Right you are”, encouraged Holmes, “and what do we know of this event and those that follow”.

“Well, from what we know of the accounts of Jesus, his miracles and proclamation that the kingdom is at hand has raised Messianic expectations among the people. Now that Jesus is going into Jerusalem it is at a fever pitch. Yet 5 days later he will be crucified. 3 days after that He will rise from then dead and 40 days later He will ascend into heaven.” I shared. “We also know that Jesus has promised His disciples that He would return.”

“Well done”, Holmes remarked. “Now, you know my methods, dear Watson. Apply them here.” Continue reading