Wednesday with Wesley: On Preaching (Five Marks of the Sincere Teacher)

John Wesley's sermon: On Corrupting the Word of God (Wordle)

John Wesley’s sermon: On Corrupting the Word of God (Wordle )

When we teach others our goal should be to help transform lives. John Wesley agreed. Wesley’s Sermon 136 (On Corrupting the Word of God) tackles preaching and teaching the Scriptures using 2 Corinthians 2:17 as his text. Continue reading

Wednesday with Watson: Interpreting Scripture

Richard Watson (1781-1833) was an Arminian theologican and author living in Britain. Here is an excerpt from his Theological Institutes on interpreting the Scriptures (chapter 11). The original text appears in italics but I added the bulleted formatting.

The second use of reason respects the interpretation of the [Scriptures]; and here the same rules are to be applied Continue reading

Sinclair Ferguson offers advice to Teachers

The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments

Sinclair Ferguson, the prolific author, pastor and seminary professor, reflects on 40 years of preaching and offers up some advice to those who preach in the form of “Ten Commandments” in Themelios (an evangelical theological journal). The list was based on the following criteria:

what rule of preaching-life, do I wish someone had written for me to provide direction, shape, ground rules, that might have helped me keep going in the right direction and gaining momentum in ministry along the way?

The list was directed toward preachers, but I found it helpful for anyone who teaches the Scriptures. Continue reading