Justin Martyr: The Meaning of Christmas

In his treatise Dialogue with Trypho, Justin Martyr, a 2nd century Christian philosopher, explains the meaning of the Christmas story to Trypho. This story uses a popular literary format to present an argument JustinMartyrSantain the form of a discussion (modeled after Plato) and explores the Jewish rejection of the Messiah using the Socratic method of questions.

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If Star Wars characters were theologians…

With the anticipation of The Force Awakens now that the trailer is out and Colbert defending the new light saber, I thought it would be fun to see what views various Star Wars characters might hold.

Inspired by a Facebook discussion and having blogged a bit on various approaches to foreknowledge, here are the theological views these characters might hold. Continue reading

(Almost) Wednesday with Wesley: The Reasonable Faith is of Grace

As theologians we can often get wrapped up in thinking about God and the Scriptures. We want to understand our Creator and the truths that He has revealed. In order to do that we must use logic and reasoJohn_Wesleyn. John Wesley cautioned those who would minimize the need for reason in theology and in living a virtuous life.

Wesley was a strong proponent of the use of reason. But was wise in reminding us of its limitations. Continue reading