Messianic Prophecies (Infographic)

The following infographic tries to capture key prophetic information about the Messiah in a timeline. The goal was not to show all of the prophecies that the Old Testament contains but rather to highlight when new information was revealed. This allows us to quickly understand what was known about the Messiah at various points in time. MessiahTimeLine.jpg

Agabus the fallible prophet?

A conversation in our home group sparked the re-post of this two post series on fallible prophecy originally published in 2011.

One of the many seminary classes I am taking is pneumatology (the theology of the Holy Spirit). In this class we evaluated various positions on the spiritual gifts which exposed me to the a view that regards the NT gift of prophecy as operating today in a fallible manner. It is held by such esteemed pastors and scholars as John  Piper, Wayne Grudem, and D. A. Carson.

Piper gives this succinct definition of the NT prophet:

the gift of prophecy is in the New Testament [and it] is a Spirit-prompted, Spirit-sustained utterance that does not carry intrinsic, divine authority and may be mixed with error.

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