John Wesley: On Zombie Outbreaks

ZombieMe2We’ve looked at Zombie outbreaks in Sardis and Ephesus. But Zombie outbreaks were not confined to these areas. John Wesley himself often dealt with them.

converse sparingly and warily with them that are dead while they live

In January 1748, John Wesley recounts a time when a zombie horde (mob) attacked him at William Stone’s house (reminiscent of a Night of the Living Dead movie) and how he barely escaped with his life. Continue reading

Come to Jesus – a look at John 6

Tabgha Mosaic

Tabgha Mosaic

When people use the term “come to Jesus” they are often describing that moment when the “light bulb” goes on and something suddenly becomes clear. It also refers to a moment in time where a crucial decision must be made.

In John chapter 6:25, we join the narrative with a crowd getting out of some boats, having arrived on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. They are heading to the lakeside village of Capernaum where they continue their search for Jesus. When they find Him they also find themselves in a literal “come to Jesus” moment. Continue reading

More signs you may be a Zombie

You have the reputation of being alive, but you are dead. – Jesus

The zombies are not just in Sardis, but apparently Ephesus has been affected as well. Based on the information from that location here are a few more warning signs that you may be a zombie. Be sure to examine yourself. If you are new to the land of the undead you may want to check out these signs before progressing any further.

Plants v Zombies

Plants v Zombies (PopCap)

  • Mindless Wandering

Zombies are known for their mindless lumbering through the streets and lands seeking their next victim. They have no direction in life except to satisfy their own passions and desires for brains. As they wander about there is no consideration or compassion for others. There clearly is an outbreak in Ephesus Continue reading