The Parable of the Midwives

Horus_presents_Regalia_to_Pharaoh - CopyBREAKING: the midwife murderers have just entered the court room. Tamar and Gomer are each charged with 10 counts of infanticide.

In the process of helping young Hebrew parents deliver their babies, Tamar and Gomer are accused of examining the child as it enters the world. If the baby was a male, they would grab hold of it and rush out of the tent and proceed to kill it. In order to be sensitive to our viewers, we will not go into the gruesome details.

The trial room is hushed as the judge begins to question the two women.

The Judge asks, “were the two of you present when each of the Hebrew male children were born”?

A hushed yes from both of the trembling accused.

“And did you kill the infants”?

Another barely audible yes. Continue reading